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Basic introduction to pushbutton switches and their use and maintenance

Publish Time:2023-01-04 Author:jiaxi Views:352

A push button switch, also known as a control button (button for short), is a low-voltage appliance that is manual and can generally be automatically reset.

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How tact switches work and what they are used for

Publish Time:2022-12-23 Author:jiaxi Views:282

When it comes to switches. We have an impression of switches that can be used to turn on lighting equipment, which require us to press them to turn them on or off. In fact, with the development of technology, there is now a kind of light touch switch on the market, as long as a light touch can complete the state of the switch, they are used in the field of television manufacturing or other electronic instruments and instruments in the design process, on the one hand, can be classified according to the principle, the other side can be classified according to the price of the size, interested friends can refer to the following to learn to understand.

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Conductive slip rings are used in which machinery and equipment

Publish Time:2022-12-21 Author:jiaxi Views:270

Conductive slip rings are a product of modern industrial development required for a reliable electrical connection between two relatively rotating parts. Conductive slip ring is also called collector ring, or rotary joint, rotary electrical interface, slip ring, collector ring, return ring, adapter. It is composed of elastic material, brush, sliding contact surface material, conductive ring, insulating material, bonding material, combination bracket, precision bearing, dust cover and other conductive slip ring.

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Precautions when using the tact switch

Publish Time:2022-11-09 Author:jiaxi Views:377

1. When welding the tact switch terminals, if a load is applied to the terminals, there may be loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please pay attention when using them.

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What is a slide switch and how it works

Publish Time:2022-10-22 Author:jiaxi Views:500

A sliding switch is a switch with a handle with a contact. Through the position of the sliding point, the moving contact contacts with the two sets of static contacts, passing the circuit.

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There are several types of push button switches

Publish Time:2022-10-20 Author:jiaxi Views:352

Button switches can be classified according to the way of protection and the way of operation. It can be divided into open type and protection type, as well as waterproof type and anti-corrosion type, etc. And explosion-proof type, knob type, key type, emergency type, are also its classification.

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How to test the tact switch?

Publish Time:2022-10-18 Author:jiaxi Views:459

Mainly test the solder resistance, cold resistance, temperature resistance and humidity resistance of?tact switches

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Japan Matsushita Electric Company to visit our factory

Publish Time:2016-12-28 Author:admin Views:3755

The company has long been to both quality and service, the company's credibility in the first place; company's strict after-sales service system to ensure that every customer a sub-rights

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The company launched fundraising activities for difficult employees

Publish Time:2016-12-28 Author:admin Views:3704

The company assembled a workshop in the near future to check out the need for surgical treatment of heart disease, and a lot of costs.

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China Electronics Fair

Publish Time:2013-11-12 Author:admin Views:3519

I warmly congratulate the success of our company to participate in the 2013 China Electronics Show

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The company was named the 2013 growth-oriented enterprises

Publish Time:2014-01-01 Author:admin Views:2244

In order to better and more efficient service and customers, the company in 2013 a large number of the introduction of automation equipment, including automatic inspection machines, automatic assembly machines

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