What are the considerations for maintenance of conductive slip ring

Publish Time:2023-03-18 Author:jiaxi Views:316

conductive slip ring is an essential precision accessory for enterprise machinery and equipment, which affects the operation of equipment and product quality. In order to give full play to the role of slip rings and extend their service life, it is necessary to maintain them. The following is an introduction to the slip ring maintenance considerations.


1, slip ring inspection and maintenance, should be responsible for a person. Site procedures should specify the time and frequency of inspection (not less than 2 times a week). Staff should take safety protection measures when entering the site. Staff should wear insulated shoes or rubber mats, use well-insulated tools, and take measures to prevent short-circuiting and grounding. When the excitation system is grounded at a certain point, more attention should be paid. It is forbidden to touch the excitation circuit and the grounded part of the generator with both hands, or to touch the two different poles of the charged part at the same time. When working, you should wear overalls, or wear short-sleeved clothes or roll up the sleeves, and the cuffs should be small. Women. Sex workers should also be long hair or braids rolled in the hat.


2. When checking the slip ring regularly, check all items: the spark of the slip ring carbon brush, when a large spark is found, it should be closely monitored and the excitation current should be quickly reduced. If there is no effect, the cause of the temperature rise of the slip ring surface should be identified as soon as possible. The temperature rise should not exceed 80K, the temperature should not exceed 120°C. Whether the color of the slip ring surface is discolored; check whether the brush is jumping, the connection between the brush and the carbon brush is intact.


3. Slip ring should be replaced regularly. When worn to two-thirds of the original height, should be replaced with a new conductive slip ring, all slip rings should be replaced at once. Specifications and other requirements should be selected as far as possible with the previous conductive slip ring, especially in the motor, absolutely not allowed to use different specifications of the conductive slip ring.


4. During generator overhaul, check and maintain slip rings. Check the slip ring smoothness of the surface, whether the groove has burrs, whether the brush holder parts are loose Take measures to prevent the slip ring from moisture. When the oval of the conductive slip ring is too high When the ellipse of the conductive slip ring is too high, it should be cleaned by rotation to prevent chattering, which may lead to serious wear and short circuit of the brush. The brush will be worn out and short-circuited.


5. If the unit runs for a long time, the toner and dust cleaning at the slip ring brush should be strengthened to prevent If the unit is operated for a long time, clean the carbon powder and dust at the slip ring brush to prevent the insulation resistance from being affected by "too dirty".