Sliding Switch Precautions

Publish Time:2023-03-14 Author:jiaxi Views:301

Sliding switch use precautions:

1、Caution with chemicals

The slide switch base plate uses synthetic resins such as polycarbonate, so avoid exposing the potentiometer to ammonia, amines, alkali solutions, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, halogens, etc.
Hydrocarbons and other chemicals in a strong atmosphere.

2, careful use of flux

Avoid using water-soluble flux when soldering, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the metal and other materials that make up the slide switch.


Wiring design and soldering method should avoid rabbits, molten tin flow to the PC board upper plane, which will bow|up poor contact.



4、Slide handle length

The shorter the length, the better (at least 5mm) in the case of the width of the slide handle A constant, the shorter the length of the slide handle, the better the feel, the higher the other force point, the worse the feel.

5、Drive arm

Do not make the operating point far from the center line of the slide handle, for the same reason, the shorter the distance between the two B, the better.