How to clean touch switches

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Classification according to cleanability Can be cleaned (sealed type) Cannot be cleaned (standard type) Standard type is open type and cannot be cleaned. If cleaning is carried out
If cleaning is carried out, the cleaning solution will enter the switch together with the solder and the foreign matter on the substrate, which will cause the problem.

2. Cleaning method The sealed type can be cleaned in multiple cleaning slots. The cleaning time in one slot should be within 1 minute and the total cleaning time should be within 3 minutes.

TSTP66H-8.0 Square Tactile Button Switch

3. Cleaning solution Alcohol-based solutions should be used for cleaning. Cleaning with other solvents or water may lead to deterioration of the  tact switch material and function and should be avoided.

4. Cleaning precautions Care should be taken not to apply external force to the switch during cleaning. Do not clean the switch immediately after soldering, as the breathing action of the light-touch switch when it cools may cause the cleaning solvent to be drawn into the switch. The cleaning solvent will simply be drawn into the switch. (It is recommended to leave it for more than 3 minutes).