Basic introduction to pushbutton switches and their use and maintenance

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Basic Introduction
A push button switch, also known as a control button (button for short), is a low-voltage appliance that is manual and can generally be automatically reset. Pushbuttons are usually used in circuits to issue start or stop commands to control the turn-on and turn-off of electrical coils such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, and relays.
Pushbutton switch is a kind of electrical appliance used to turn on and break small current circuits by pressing the action and releasing the reset. It is generally used in control circuits with AC/DC voltage less than 440V and current less than 5A, and generally does not directly manipulate the main circuit, but can also be used in interconnection circuits.
In actual use, in order to prevent misuse, usually make different marks on the button or painted with different colors to distinguish, the colors are red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, etc.. Generally, red indicates "stop" or "dangerous" operation; green indicates "start" or "on". ". The emergency stop button must be a red mushroom head button. The button must have a metal protective stopper, and the stopper should be higher than the button cap to prevent accidental touching of the button and resulting in misoperation. The material of the button plate and button box where the button is mounted must be metal and connected to the main ground bus of the machine.


Use and maintenance
(1) The button should be inspected frequently to remove the dirt on it. Due to the small spacing between the contacts of the button, after years of use or when the seals are not good, the inflow of dust or machine oil each order emulsion, etc., will cause the insulation to reduce or even short-circuit accidents. For this case, insulation and cleaning treatment must be carried out, and take the appropriate sealing measures.
(2) button for high-temperature occasions, easy to make plastic deformation aging, resulting in button loosening, causing a short circuit between the wiring screw phase touch. According to the situation in the installation of a fastening ring tightened to use, but also in the wiring screws with a set of insulating plastic tube to prevent loosening.
(3) with the light button because the light bulb to heat, when the time is long, easy to make the plastic lampshade deformation caused by the difficulty of replacing the bulb. Therefore, it is not suitable for use in places where the power is on for a long time; if you want to use, you can properly reduce the voltage of the bulb to extend its service life.
(4) If the contact is found to be poor, the cause should be identified: if the contact surface damage, available fine file repair; if the contact surface is dust or soot, it is appropriate to wipe clean with a clean cotton cloth dipped in solvent; if the contact spring failure, it should be replaced; if the contact is seriously burned, the product should be replaced