tact switch is not sensitive how to repair

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About soldering tact switch solder handling methods

When soldering tact switches, some technicians often cause false solder and other problems due to improper operation, so how to prevent these false solder and other problems? First of all, we should apply some solder paste between the pins of the switch, after the four pins are coated, then each corner of the switch. On a little solder, you can use tweezers to hold the switch key to take the soldering iron for welding. This operation for the switch welding can greatly reduce the problem of false solder. But the point to note is that when welding, to keep the switch pins whether there is no debris and other things, such as remember to clean up, so as to avoid the same in the welding of these problems such as false solder.

About the tact switch key convex trap processing method

For the daily use of the tact switch, I believe that you will often encounter problems such as the switch key convexity down, then the switch key convexity and other issues how to deal with it? First of all, we understand that the main cause of the switch keys convex and other reasons, it may be due to the operation of the keys are too strong or frequent key switch is to make the switch internal membrane rupture led to the loss of flexibility of the switch metal shrapnel, so it will cause the keys convex down. Switch key convexity and other problems, you can remove the tact switch to replace a membrane. For the future use of the switch, the key strength should be careful not to be too large.




About the tact switch contact poor handling methods

In the daily use of the tact switch, most of them are exposed to the air, plus the use of some humid weather, the switch's internal metal shrapnel is easy to be oxidized, for after the contact will be greatly weakened, resulting in tact switch will cause some poor contact and other problems, then the method of dealing with poor contact switch is, first of all, disassemble the switch, then you will find the switch's metal shrapnel Shrapnel will be some black spots, that is caused by the effect of internal oxidation, at this time you can use a knife to
Shrapnel scrape bright or can also choose to replace the metal shrapnel components of the switch, to be completed, you can play a little glue on the metal shrapnel of the switch fixed, and then assembled on the switch on the operation method can solve the switch poor contact and other problems.

2. For tact switch poor contact and other issues, in the switch used for a long time, the internal will accumulate a certain amount of dust, the accumulated dust is too large, it will also lead to the switch in use. On some poor contact and other phenomena, the poor contact and other phenomena is, first of all, the switch disassembled, and then the switch internal shrapnel and the substrate has dust and other places need to be clean, to be clean, in accordance with the original order of installation of the switch on.

Note on the use of tact switches

In the use of tact switch, we should pay attention to not to let some water drops or water gas and other things invade the internal switch, although the current tact switch has a waterproof type, but still can not avoid the invasion of some water gas, because the tact switch relies on the internal metal shrapnel and conductive parts of contact to complete the work, and when the metal shrapnel encounter water gas and other things in contact, it will be easier to oxidation, resulting in the conductive function of the switch It may fail, or there is some short circuit and so on. Therefore, you should avoid the intrusion of water and gas into the switch.