Zhejiang Omten specializing in the production of Push Button Switch,Tact Switch,Key Switch,etc

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Zhejiang Omten Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Zhejiang Omten Electronic Co.,Ltd.Our Company is engaged in the development,design and production of various mini-type switches in the electronics field.After ten years's development,we have found continuous development in the strongly competitive electronics field.Today.Omten Electronics is standing at the forefront of the electronics field

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Quanaity First,Service First

Push Button Switch
Tact Switch
Key Switch
PJ DC Socket RCA series
Slide Switch
Dip Switch
Boat Switch


Japan Matsushita Electric Company to visit our factory

The company has long been to both quality and service, the company's credibility in the first place; company's strict after-sales service system to ensure that every customer a sub-rights

The company launched fundraising activities for difficult employees

The company assembled a workshop in the near future to check out the need for surgical treatment of heart disease, and a lot of costs.

China Electronics Fair

I warmly congratulate the success of our company to participate in the 2013 China Electronics Show