Analysis of the basic internal structure of the light touch switch

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A brief description of a light touch switch.

  (1) light touch switch is also called key switch, English name: touch switch, tact switch. generally referred to by its size: such as 6 * 6 * 5, is its length, width, height. It is a kind of electronic switch, which is different from the household wall switch. The difference is that the application area is different and the role of the structure itself is also different, so it is called electronic switch. They are divided into: push type and surface mounted touch type. The difference between the two is the volume and welding form of the different, press type is mainly plug-in type volume larger switch; surface mount touch type is mainly SMD ultra-thin type. The light touch switch is made by pressing the handle to the shrapnel pressure to make the shrapnel and gun point contact trip conductive. Therefore, it can be divided into three kinds of forms exist, one is normally open type, one is normally closed type, one is double action type. The switch also has three kinds of foot position: a two-foot switch, three-foot switch, four-foot switch, five-foot switch.

  (2) The switch is evolved from the pot piece, and the pot piece is the first kind of membrane switch that was used. Its construction is single and its production speed is fast. However, the life of the product is low, and the use of a single performance can not meet the market demand. According to the increasingly high demand for product performance, the simple pot piece has been slowly eliminated from the market. With it comes our light touch switch, whose use principle is the same. It is the upgraded version of the pot piece, its heart is the pot piece. It looks the same as Iron Man.

  At the beginning of use consumers only have requirements for the quality and performance of the product, with the improvement of the market products, the level of consumption, the quality and performance of the product also began to fail to meet the consumers. People who are familiar with the switch know that the switch has its feel, simply put, the strength of the switch, light touch, key, toggle, micro-action these switches have strength parameters. Industry standards: micro-action strength 30-100gf, key strength 250-400gf, toggle strength 200-400gf, light touch 50-400gf. The feel of the switch is directly related to the strength of the switch. The smaller the range of positive and negative tolerance of the force, the better the feel, domestic production of shrapnel positive and negative tolerance range is large, the value of plus or minus 50; Korean production of shrapnel positive and negative tolerance range value is relatively medium, the value of plus or minus 30; Japanese imports of shrapnel is also the world's best shrapnel, Pinzan use of Japanese three shrapnel positive and negative tolerance range is very small, the value of plus or minus 10. Summary: the higher the precision of the shrapnel, light touch The higher the precision of the shrapnel, the better the feel of the switch.



  The working principle of the switch: when working, press the switch button to turn on the switch, and when the button is released, the switch is disconnected, and its internal structure relies on the force of the metal shrapnel to achieve the on/off. Working principle of the metal shrapnel referred to as shrapnel, shrapnel material has two kinds. Shrapnel has phosphor bronze and stainless steel two materials, plating process silver and gold plating two, Pinzan's gold and silver plating process are above 0.3um, plating process directly affects the electrical properties of the product and the oxidation resistance of the product.

  (3) The reason for the bad hand feeling is a variety of factors, the structure of the switch itself is unreasonable, the material of the shrapnel and the plating process are not up to standard, the deformation of the shrapnel, and the large error range of the shrapnel. How are we going to ensure its feel, research and production of a reasonable structure, the use of stainless steel shrapnel, control shrapnel error and shrapnel defective rate. The feel of the good or bad, will be directly should the product sales and reputation. A good brand and a good product have very high requirements for the feel of the switch. The feel is also very influential on the life of the switch itself. The life of domestic shrapnel is between 3-5W times; the life of Korean shrapnel is between 5-8W times; the life of Japanese ternary shrapnel used by Pinzan is between 10-100W times. Good shrapnel directly affects the feel, life and quality of the switch.

  The height of the key handle can be customized according to the requirements of the thin patch type is generally no key handle on the surface, covered by the membrane, the principle is the same. The shank height of the plug-in type is 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5-28mm high, customized according to customer product requirements. It has two kinds of internal structure, one is silent, one is audible market general-purpose is audible, there is a "ticking" crisp sound. There are many kinds of button strength: 70gf, 90gf, 120gf, 160gf, 180gf, 200gf, 250gf, 300gf, 400gf and other customized strength. Button strength selection is based on different products to choose the strength, such as mouse products, children's products, medical products, smart home products generally use light strength, home appliances, automobiles, air purifiers, sports equipment generally use heavy strength. According to the market demand of the product to position. Key strength and the mechanical life of the light touch switch is a great connection, the lighter the strength the higher the life can be done. Life: 3W-5W, 5W-8W, 8W-10W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W sub-life. The life of the high and low and switch shrapnel selection above has a great relationship, domestic shrapnel life in 3W-5W, 5W-8W; Korean imports of shrapnel life 8W-10W; Japan imported three shrapnel 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W life.

  (4) The switch is powered on and off by the internal metal shrapnel, and the distance between the metal shrapnel and the base bubble contact is called the stroke. The travel is divided into long travel, short travel and medium travel, and the travel is determined by the size and performance requirements of the switch's own product structure. The shortest lower limit of travel is 0.8mm, which is called small travel and is generally used for ultra-thin types. Medium travel is between 0.13-0.3mm and is generally used in plug-in type. The long stroke is between 3.0-0.5 and is generally used for silicone keys and heavy force products. The smaller the stroke, the lower the sound of the keypad, and conversely, the higher the stroke, the louder the sound and the lower the lifespan. The stroke can be set according to the mechanism of the switch itself, which can achieve both audible and silent effects. Factors affecting the product: The most direct factor affecting the length of the stroke is the action force, and the action force is usually divided into: light force (below 120g), heavy force (above 300g) and standard force (150-250g), the shorter the stroke the lighter the force of the switch, the higher its life; conversely the larger the stroke the greater the force, the higher its life; the middle stroke is the most standard stroke, and its life is moderate and The middle stroke is the most standard stroke, its life is moderate and very ergonomic, so it is widely used.