What wiring methods are available for conductive slip rings

Publish Time:2023-03-21 Author:jiaxi Views:757

Since the conductive slip ring is mounted on the machine and equipment, it is a very high precision mechanical component and is the center of rotation for the entire system software. Therefore, special care must be taken when installing and connecting the conductors. If not properly installed or connected, it may cause the destruction of the conductive slip ring, which will seriously endanger the application of all system software machines and equipment. How to connect the wires and install the slip ring?


Conductive slip ring interface between the two sizes and construction are closely related, generally can be divided into over the plate hole, flange type, split type, etc.. In this case, the wiring method of the welded disc slip ring is to the two sides of the slip ring out of the line, the motor rotor's central axis of the bore out of the line, if the number of through is very large, there will be two or three oval out of the hole, and the motor stator end out of the line is generally to the side orientation of the bore out of the line, generally 1 to two oval out of the hole; if it is a clamp check valve, it can be from the middle of the slip ring out of the line. If the slip ring is very large, it can also be led out from the side. But the split type conductive slip ring is different from the first two. The above-mentioned split motor rotor end outlet is on the inner wall of the shaft of the central shaft, and the motor stator end outlet is led out from the side brush holder, the same as the conventional type of outlet for the motor carbon brush slip ring in the past.


In addition, there is also a method of transmitting electric flow is the choice of terminal equipment, not the way the wire, this type of method for large electric flow and ultra-large electric flow of conductive slip ring, this type of conductive slip ring wiring method is the slip ring internal conductive welding coupling to the circuit board, and the circuit board is the middle coupling, that both saves indoor space, but also simplifies the installation method.


In general, the interface method of the conductive slip ring varies depending on the overall design, and the internal structure of the slip ring is defined according to the specific needs of the customer, and the internal structure of the slip ring varies. Therefore, when the user inquires the slip ring manufacturer, he must show the detailed work of the main parameters, and can show a clear three-dimensional installation diagram, so that the design scheme can be suitable for the conductive slip ring.