What is a slide switch and how it works

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A sliding switch is a switch with a handle with a contact. Through the position of the sliding point, the moving contact contacts with the two sets of static contacts, passing the circuit.

The static contact plate and the moving contact plate are respectively located on the insulating seat and the knob handle. Its application is affected by many factors such as airflow, pressure difference, voltage, fluid rebound, installation method, direction, etc. The block switching point is accurate, safe and reliable, and has been widely used in fax machines, multi-function telephones, radios, electric toys and other instruments and electronic products.

The slide switch has a variety of tool numbers such as two, three, four and six. The number of drills usually has two and three. Due to its tool number, the number of drills is not much, which is more suitable for simple circuits. In addition, its The contact form can generally be divided into sliding type, plug-in type and docking type; the jumping type stepping mechanism has double ball pressure spring type, heart type, single ball pressure spring type, in which the double ball pressure spring switch is on the sliding handle, due to the pressure The action of the spring makes the ball quickly enter another positioning groove to realize the switch conversion. The sliding switch principle The sliding switch is equipped with a slider, and the slider is driven in different ways to make the slider move, the switch contacts are on and off, and the switch acts as a switch. It can also be said that by pushing the moving contact on the handle to slide, the moving contact plate is moved from one group of static contact plates to another group of static contact plates to realize the circuit exchange switch.

Sliding switch installation precautions When installing the sliding switch, attention should be paid to distinguish the connection between the fire line and the neutral line, and do not install it in the wrong position, so as not to affect the safe use of the circuit. The installation height is also worth noting, usually this switch is not a single time Installation, it is common to install multiple times in a row. The concealed switch is about 1.2-1.4 meters away from the ground, and the horizontal distance from the door frame is 150-200 mm. When opening the switch, pay attention to the best insulation protection of the outer sheath.