What is a light contact switch

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Light tact switch, also called key switch, is a kind of electronic switch and belongs to the category of electronic components. The general operation of light tact switch will actively run its reset operation, such as the button of the switch is pressed once, the switch will be turned on once and will be turned on again after pressing it again. And for the keys of cell phones, remote controls, household appliances, etc., touch switches are useful and widely used. And with the rapid development of science and technology, for the current light tact switch, its switch uses conductive rubber or other non-destructive component materials instead of metal shrapnel, which can greatly improve the service life of the light touch switch, and the output power of the switch circuit is more stable. Light contact switches can be divided into three main types according to the installation method, side insert, SMD, plug-in type, there are also three common packaging methods: plug-in bagged, SMD braided, DIP plug-in braided.

The common specifications of light touch switches are 2*3, 2*4, 3*3, 3.7*3.7, 3*6, 4*4, 4.5*4.5, 6*6, 6.2*6.2/12*12, 6*6 waterproof, 6.2*6.2 waterproof, 12*12 waterproof series

TSX8855S Tact Switch with conducting rubber cap

With the widespread use of switches, there are some shortcomings in the use of switches. After a long time of use, the switch reeds will become loose and poorly elastic, which will easily cause poor contact phenomenon. In the selection of light contact switches, the general quality of the switch will directly affect the use of the switch and equipment, so when choosing a light contact switch you need to pay special attention to the switch's protective properties, solderability, conductivity, life times, feel, production process and installation size. This will directly affect the service life of the switch and other factors. Therefore, we should pay attention to these common sense of switch selection when purchasing.