How to choose a push button switch

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Button switch seems very far from our lives, perhaps we do not pay much attention to get, but its production of home appliances, automotive industry, computer production industry, digital products industry, remote control production industry and other fields have an indispensable role, a good button switch for the smooth production of manufacturing is essential, so in the choice of button switch, we must pay special attention to consider from a variety of aspects, so as to select the right So when choosing a pushbutton switch, special attention must be paid to a variety of considerations so that you can select the right push button switch. Next, let me take a look at how to select the right pushbutton switch.

1. Safety

Like button switches such as "small body, big role" items, especially to pay attention to its security, because if you choose to the security of the button switch is not high, not only may lead to production operations stalled, and may even lead to safety accidents, and even cause property damage and other consequences, so I suggest that you choose a button switch when Therefore, I suggest that when you choose a push button switch, you must consider many aspects and choose a push button switch with heat resistance, high temperature resistance and insulation properties, so as to greatly improve production safety.

PBS1202E Push Button Switch

2. the material

Of course, the material of the button switch is also very important, here, I recommend that you take the high quality PC material as the raw material of the button switch as a priority item, because the high quality PC material is very good temperature resistance and flame retardancy, and impact resistance is also relatively good, can largely avoid its high temperature, often pressed and gradually aging, can extend the use of the term Oh. At the same time, the electrical resistance of this material can also effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage, to the greatest extent possible to eliminate the human body was electrocuted into the "Super Saiyan" situation.

3. Structure

Most of the pushbutton switches on the market now are separated structures, and the fit between the various structures is high, so that the stability of the entire pushbutton switch can be largely avoided in the installation of the pushbutton switch, due to excessive force and break parts, or in use, broken in the production machine. So I suggest that when you buy, you can separate the button switch to see if the various parts fit together and are solid, so that you can select the strongest possible structure of the button switch Oh.