What are the Parts of a Tact Switch?

Publish Time:2023-11-09 Author:wangya Views:590

As a common type of switch in electronic equipment, tact switch plays an important role in many applications.


What is a tactile switch?

A tactile switch is a small electronic switch that opens or closes a circuit, usually by pressing a switch button. It is widely used in electronic equipment, household appliances, automobiles and other mechanical devices as an important component in control and operation.


What are the parts of a tactile switch?


1. Button
The button is the operable part of the tactile switch and is used for pressing or releasing operations. Keys are usually made of soft elastic material to provide good feel and reliable operation.

2. Spring
The spring is located under the key and provides rebound force when the button is pressed. It ensures that the key returns to its original position after release and makes the tactile switch reusable.

3. Contact
Contacts are an important part of the touch switch and are responsible for switching the connection and disconnection of the circuit.

Tactile switches usually have two contacts: Normally Closed and Normally Open.


(1) When pressing the button
The contacts short-circuit or close the circuit, allowing current to pass.

(2) After releasing the button
The contacts return to their original state.


In conclusion

By understanding the various parts and functions of tactile switches, we are better able to understand how they work, select the appropriate switch type, and use them in design and repair.

If you need a reliable, simple and easy-to-operate switching solution, tactile switches are an option worth considering!