Types of light touch switches and applicable industries

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Type I: The tact switch with a crisp "tick" sound uses a metal reed as the touch piece of the switch, which feels good to use and has a small touch resistance of 20mn.


Type II: Conductive rubber switch is the use of conductive rubber as a touch path switch. The structure of a light-touch switch is based on the key moving downwards, so that the touch reed or conductive rubber block touches the solder, forming a pathway. 


The operating force of a tact switch is related to the condition of the reed. The opening force is proportional to the distance the reed is compressed. When the reed is compressed to 5% or 70%, the operating force suddenly decreases and is accompanied by a "ticking" sound. There are two general structures of the Turtle Guide rubber switch. The operating force curve varies considerably with the shape of the rubber block.


1. Digital products: digital video cameras, digital cameras, etc.

2. Audio-visual products: DVD, audio, MP3, MP4, .

3. Communication products: mobile phones, car phones, landline phones, housing equipment, palmtop computers, etc.

4. Security products: video intercoms, monitors, etc.

5. Remote control: home security products remote control, car remote control, rolling gate remote control.

6. Household appliances: electronic body scales, electronic kitchen scales, TVs, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, electronic fat scales, etc.

7. Toys: remote control toys, electronic toys, etc.

8. Computer products: recorders, cameras, etc.

9. Fitness devices: massage chairs, treadmills, etc.

10. Medical devices: electronic thermometer, electronic blood pressure meter, hospital ward call equipment, etc.

11. Other: money detectors, laser pens, etc.


Light touch switches have the advantages of small touch resistance, precise operation error and diverse specifications, and are widely used in electronic equipment and household appliances such as: video products, 3C products, various remote controls, communication equipment, household appliances, security products, electronic toys, computer products, medical devices, laser pens, money-checking pens and so on. Due to the environmental conditions of light touch switches (applied pressure less than 2 times the elasticity / ambient temperature and humidity conditions and electrical properties) large equipment and high load buttons are used directly instead of conductive rubber or pot switch hardware shrapnel, such as medical devices, TV remote controls, etc.